25. September 2022

Arker Review – Gameplay, Rewards, and Tokenomics

Arker is an online role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to earn crypto while they play. The blockchain revolution is raging on, the crypto world expands to encompass new markets and exciting applications. For instance, there is the fast developing field of blockchain-based online gaming. In contrast traditional video games, these apps allow users to earn more crypto by fulfilling quests. Arker: the Legend of Ohm is among the most recent games to take on this idea. The game is set in an alien world filled with mythology and magical elements. The players can be a part of a group of adventuresome characters who fight each other in order to access an area known as the ARKER mines.

You’ve probably realized that ARKER is the most valuable metal in the game. It also is the token used by the project that is known by the name of Fragment of Arker (FoA) and has governance features. Additionally, players are able to earn as much as twenty million FoA tokens each month, which results in an exciting bounty. If you’re into gaming and crypto such a project might be right for you. Because you may use Bitcoin Motion on the move, you can practice your talents anytime and anywhere. This is the reason in the following Arker review we take a deeper into the game’s features as well as rewards. At the end of the day you will know if this is the ideal gaming experience for your needs.

What is Arker?

Arker: the myth of Ohm is an online multiplayer strategy game that includes role-playing capabilities. It’s easy to access, flexible and also rewards its players with crypto. The project has been under development since the middle of last year. This indicates that the designers have paid attention to every detail of the game. Its launch also happens just at the right moment to capitalize on the current buzz surrounding play-to-earn gaming. The developers of the game developed it using Unity. But, its off-chain servers are built on NodeJS and MongoDB technology. The combination of on-chain and off-chain technology is expected to provide real-time gaming with blockchain security. In addition, all the funds on Arker are under the control of smart contracts within Solidity. They also run through the Binance Smart Chain, where the platform’s native tokens , ARKER (DAO token) and FoA (in-game token) are also used. While playing Arker players must find heroes from different class to aid them in their quest to gain their kingdom, the famous one of Ohm. When they have succeeded they will be able to gain authority over ARKER mines.

In the process, they accumulate their treasure of an extremely valuable tokens or minerals in the game: Fragment of Arker (FoA). The game’s world is traced back its origins in the fantasy games of Korea speed-play. The developers of the game would like it to be more than just a pastime for players. Instead, they want gamers to see it as an exciting source of earning cryptocurrency. Arker employs a play-to-earn system to allow users to earn rewards right from the beginning. Additionally, users can sell the products they earn on the marketplace of the platform. This will allow them to boost their earnings. The ways players can be rewarded include:

  • Competing against opponents to win Fragment of Arker (FoA) tokens.
  • Participating in PVE and earning rewards which can be exchanged on the market.
  • Doing daily assignments.
  • Participating in guild wars.
  • Organising special events.

Finally, the core of Arker is a group of highly skilled developers, in accordance with the Arker whitepaper. A majority of Arker’s members have more than a decade of experience in developing companies as well as payment methods as well as blockchain-based cashless payment systems.

Arker Gameplay

Arker is a simple game to play. Arker is easy and doesn’t require any knowledge of the intricate gaming mechanisms. Additionally, the game’s creators designed Arker to provide quick and full experience for all players regardless of their the level of experience. Arker isn’t your typical every month activity. To reap the maximum benefit from Arker, participants will need accept challenges every day and missions. In this way, they will earn FoA tokens at a nominal cost. Furthermore, if players finish 10 human-human PVP-based games, they’ll be awarded additional tokens. If you are Arker player Arker participant, your job is to guide the hero as well as his pet in order to take back the control of Ohm’s kingdom. Ohm. Additionally, you can join a clan in order to achieve this goal with other players from around the world. But, clans that are hostile to you are always looking for methods to take you down. This is why enhancing your abilities, characters and pets will assist you in defeating them.

Play Modes

In the moment, Arker has two play modes:

Normal PVP

It is accessible to players through purchasing tickets with an amount fixed for Fragments of Arker (FoA) tokens. Then, they will be able to fight against other players. The winners will receive FoA tokensas well as gold in addition to experience. In contrast the losers receive only gold and experience.


This mode of play is more of a training feature. It lets players combat clones of their character to earn experience. In addition the developers are currently creating two new game modes:


This game mode allows players to collect runes that will increase their character’s base stats. In addition, they will receive summoning scrollsor skins as well as FoA tokens.

Guild War

This mode of play involves war in the Kingdom of Ohm. Players can join 10 guilds and fight against one another. In exchange, they must to get the top total score to win and receive token rewards.

Hero Classes

Every player is able to pick a hero from three classes: Berserker Alchemist and Izarian. Each class is unique and has its own traits, strengths and disadvantages. Through constant improvements players can design the most effective combination of skills and items for each class hero.

Abilities and other items

Heroes can be trained by players to improve their abilities and achieve new levels. In this way, they will be more skilled in fighting and have a greater chance of winning fights. Heroes can also improve their skills by acquiring hundreds of different skills. Additionally, certain skills are unique to each class. Additionally, players can purchase these skills from the marketplace to Fragments of Arker (FoA) tokens. It’s important to remember that all weapons or abilities and pets within Arker come with NFTs. Players can earn them through fights or participate in particular events. Alternately, they can purchase the items by contacting other players through the website. Arker’s entry into this world of NFTs will come at the perfect moment. In the present, the marketplace for markets that are not fungible is expanding. This means that any NFTs players gain in the game will be worth more than they did in the coming years.


Markets are the preferred place that is open to everyone Arker players. It’s where they can trade their bounties to exchange Fragments of Arker (FoA). Additionally, they can buy special items and hero capabilities that other players are selling.


One character may be overwhelmed by the task of gaining control of The city of Ohm. This is why players can make this task simpler by grouping players into clans. The clan wars produce weekly winners, which get control over their ARKER mines. In this way, they can receive a further bonus from the mineral to everyone in their clan.


If they’re not fighting over their city’s borders, the heroes are able to fight in one-on-one combats. The players can choose to engage in these brutal battles by betting the amount of Fragments of Arker (FoA) prior to the fight. The most important thing is that the winner will take the entire amount, which increases the amount of FoA items considerably.

The mode of history

The feature is currently in development. However, we felt that it was intriguing enough to discuss it for a little. The game feature allows players to take their heroes on amazing adventures. For example, they could explore the world’s underground labyrinths. In these labyrinths, they’ll have to battle mythical creatures. As a reward, they’ll experience amazing stories and collect incredible treasures.

Arker Villages

The villages in Arker are the towns of the characters. They also offer numerous enhancements. Additionally, they’ll include different structures like:

  • The power generator in this structure will enable faster power generation.
  • The Energy Sanctuary will boost the energy level to its maximum.
  • Race-safety The race is a way to increase the capabilities that the participants have.
  • The ancient sword increases the strength of champions by 22%.
  • Crystal altar increases the HP of the winners by 2.2 percent.
  • Clover construction: It boosts the chance of winning daily roulette.
  • Experiential development The characters are left in their place, and they receive an % of in passive experience.
  • Visual: Use only visual decorations to allow gold to be used to purchase it (tokens).
  • Roulette: You press, and the roulette wheel begins to spin. If the wheel stops spinning it, you win an award. You could get an item, a skill or pet, or just absolutely nothing. A spin is all of 24 hours for free.

It’s important to remember that many of these capabilities are in the process of being developed. Thus, their final versions might differ from the currently proposed conceptual representations.

Arker Tokenomics

Arker has developed two tokens which are both based in the Binance Smart Chain, and both will be based using the platform BEP-20. The first, ARKER, has a maximum quantity that is 200 million units. It is intended for use in the DAO. Here are some details regarding the tokenomics of the project:

Basic Info

  • Price of listing: 0.1$ / ARKER
  • Supply at the time of beginning: 23,230,000.
  • IDO: 2.5% — 0.05$ (5,000,000 ARKER) = 250,000$
  • Backers 30%: 0.040$ (60,000,000 ARKER) = 2,400,000dollars (Starting unlocking at month 3, which is 18 months using an unlock that is linear)

Exchanges and liquidity:

  • DEX Liquidity: 2.25% (4,500,000 ARKER)
  • CEX Liquidity: 5,25% (10,500,000 ARKER)

Linear unlocks:

  • Earn by playing percent = 40,000,000 ARKER 1,700,000 per month
  • Staking rewards: 10% = 20,000,000 ARKER = 830,000 per moth
  • Team 15 percent = 30,000,000 ARKER equals 1,100,000. Per month, beginning 6 months following launch (27 months of lineal).
  • Advisors 7.7 percent = 14,000,000 ARKER beginning 6 months after launch at 870,000 per month.
  • Ecosystem fund: 8% = 16,000,000 ARKER = 700,000 per month

Arker is available for download in test mode on the Play Store, App Store and Steam. After its release the game will be available for play across Android, iOS, and Steam platforms. Arker will strive to ensure project sustainable by keeping token pair in liquid. For every ARKER purchase, the user be required to pay the 5% cost. Of this 75% of it will go to the liquidity of the platform, which will be transferred through the ARKER/BNB pairing. Another 25% be sent to the marketing Treasury.

Fragments of Arker (FoA)

FoA The second token is the in-game currency and is used to purchase the game’s rewards, in-game items and many more. The players can use this token to purchase skins, NFTs and more in-game items. Here are a few FoA tokenomics:

  • Total token supply: 540,000,000 units
  • Price of listing: 0.015USD / FoA
  • Supply to be circulated at the time of the time of launch Supply at launch: 75,000,000 units
  • The market cap for the first time is 1,110,000$
  • Market cap for fully diluted markets 8.100,000$


  • Liquidity (6.18%) – 33,372,000 FoA
  • Ecosystem funds and rewards (13.82 percent) (74,628,000 FoA)
  • Play to Earn (Game game) (80 percent) 432,000,000 FoA

The FoA token can be traded in the pair FOA/ARKER. Additionally, the platform has established a deflationary system for the token. For instance that, when a user purchases an in-game item using FoA 85 percent of the amount is transferred towards the gaming pool. The platform then will burn the rest of the 15 percent. The platform plans to use a portion of the proceeds through the sale to create liquidity to two pairs on an exchange that is decentralized: ARKER / BNB and ARKER FoA.

Governance in Arker

Arker allows everyone ARKER users to take choices regarding future modifications. They will be able to actively be part of the game’s development marketing campaigns, as well as creative designs. This implies that Arker is now an Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in which the participants will be the primary determinants of the course of the project. The more Arker tokens an individual user has the more power that he will enjoy to influence the decision-making process on the platform. Users are able to submit proposals and get their decision to approve or reject them based on the majority of the voters choose. The Arker team believes this is the best method to assist in helping the Arker ecosystem develop and adapt to the needs of the users. Additionally, it will encourage users to keep their tokens in order to make other choices. This governance mechanism will decide on how to spend tokens and allocate the platform’s earnings. The funds that result will be kept in a multi-sig cold bank under the supervision of members of the team that comprise. The initial distribution of funds was triggered by to the ARKER token sales:

  • 55% Development expenses
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Partnerships and exchanges
  • 10% Administrative cost
  • 5% Business development

The users can purchase tokens for ARKER at the event. They can also get prizes of ARKER as well as FoA tokens in the course of the platform’s prize draws. The developers might be looking to involve users in bug-hunting or contests to boost the growth of the platform. For their efforts participants can earn token rewards.


Arker is an online multiplayer strategy game featuring thrilling RPG elements. The majority elements are being developed. Therefore, forming a conclusion on its merits is not a good idea currently. But, Arker comes with an attractive play-to-earn system that will draw more players to join its community. The gaming industry that is based on blockchain technology is in full-fledging growth. This project could be among its most exciting releases thus far.